Opencart 2.2 SEO friendly URL’s

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Open cart 2.2 SEO friendly URL's

One of the most common requests from my clients is about how to set up Open cart 2.2 SEO friendly URL's.
Do your Opencart URL's look like the one below? If so, this is not ideal as search engines cannot understand what the product is or what category it is in.

Opencart bad url's


The URL should look like the one shown in the image below, to make the URL's search engine friendly follow my step by step guide.


Good Opencart URL

Step 1, edit your .htaccess file

You will need to get access to the root folder of your Opencart installation, this can be done using an FTP programme such as Filezilla. In the root folder is a file named .htaccess.txt, rename this file to .htaccess, don't loose the dot at the beginning.

Opencart root folder

Open the file in a text or HTML editor and change the rewrite rule shown in the image ,only if your installation is in a sub folder. Add the name of the folder as shown after the RewriteBase/   text. Upload the modified file to your server.

Rewrite base

Step 2 - Setup Opencart 2.2 SEO friendly URL's in the admin section of Opencart

Go to the Admin section of Opencart and click on settings. click on the edit button on the far right .Under the server tab in  the "Use SEO URL's " section check the "yes" radio button.


Step3 - check your categories and products!

In order for Opencart 2.2 SEO friendly URL's to work, categories and products need to have a "slug" entered under the data tab, in the SEO URL box, without this they will not work correctly.Go to each product and under the data tab add text to the SEO URL box, this is  what will be shown in the URL for that product.

Category slug Opencart 2.2 SEO friendly URL's

Of course if you have a maintenance agreement with us we could do it all for you! Packages start from only £19.99 a month. This gives you peace of mind and an expert only an email away!

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Please leave a comment if you have any questions.


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